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Sacramento Commons is a virtual town square for residents of the greater Sacramento region to discuss pressing community issues in a structured, civil, and transparent way.  Participation is open to all people living in the Sacramento metro area. To submit public comment, users must authenticate themselves to demonstrate that they are not computer bots and adhere to a code of conduct that prohibits slander, misrepresentation of facts, and abusive language. Each person may vote only once, but you may change your vote if the conversation changes your mind about a topic. Topics that generate more than 500 comments will generate an official report to the relevant public officials.


Our Story

Sacramento Commons was created in 2018 by Derek Cressman, a longtime good government advocate who has resided in midtown Sacramento since 2000 in collaboration with Democrasoft, a virtual democracy concept pioneered by Richard Lang. You can contact us at publiccomment@SacramentoCommons.us

Next Steps…

Choose any topic on our main page, click the topic and you’ll be taken to the Sacramento Commons WeJIT tool. Register once as a user to authenticate that you are not a computer bot, and then weigh in with your two cents.

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